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Humanized service

This companys project is due to holistic care of women without concerns about ethnic, age, primary gender, education level or income. 

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333 Garland Ave
Orlando, FL

Work Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am- 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm

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[email protected]

Phone Numbers

+1 407 738 5180

Facial and Body care

Our procedures are non-surgical and minimally invasive.
Would you like to look years younger naturally without fillers respecting your beauty? Sagging skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars… Are you a mom and that stubborn saggy extra belly skin doesn’t come out? Do you know that tattoo regret? You can minimize or even remove all that painlessly and in an affordable way!

Body Analysis

Would you like to achieve the dream life. Would you like to fully achieve self-knowledge. Have you ever felt that everything is reasonably good in your life but you still do not feel satisfied?     If you answer YES for any question above, we have the solution for you!    Do you know that the shape that your body can tell how your mind and personality works? Do you know that your body shows your mind’s mysteries?

Spa Services

Health care through measures that help prevent disease.

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Our story

We started our clinics in 2008. For years, we have collected best-of-the-year documents from the region. Always attentive to the needs of our clientele, health care clinics for the elderly, physical, motor and social rehabilitation clinics; clinic for women’s care, nursery and maternal with a focus on child health. Service stations in schools, etc.

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Naira R. Lima

Registered Nurse deeply committed to providing quality, compassionate patient care. Nursing background includes nurse management, quality control (six sigma), women’s health care, pediatric care, geriatric care, and psychiatric care.

Repeatedly recognized for knowledge, expertise and achievements in areas including:

Quality Nursing Care

 Clinical & Communication Skills

Team Education & Training

Body Analysis Behaviorist

Medical Team Collaboration

Parent Education & Training

Accuracy of Charts & Records

Aesthetics Electrocautery

Mindfulness coaching

Patient & Family Relations

Six sigma standards

Lifesaving Interventions



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