About Us

How we became a reference in the area in which we operate

Physical Address​

333 Garland Ave
Orlando, FL

Work Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am- 6pm
Saturday: 10am - 5pm

Email Address

[email protected]

Phone Numbers

+1 407 738 5180

Our story

We started our clinics in 2008. For years, we have collected best of the year regional awards. Always attentive to the needs of our clientele, health care clinics for the elderly, physical, motor and social rehabilitation clinics; clinic for women’s care, nursery and maternal with a focus on woman and child health. Service stations in schools, etc.

The pillars that form

Our constant growth and professional improvement


To help women BE healthy and successful in all societies.


To provide a model of integrative and preventive care guidelines for women’s health and be recognized as a legit company by society and regulatory systems.


Prevention is more important than treatment. | Trust is more solid than hope. | Control is more real than cure. | Planning is safer than improvisation. | Investing in technical and scientific knowledge. | Ethics as a premise for all actions.

Meet our

Business Plan


This project is a hybrid company directed to holistic women’s health care. The company will provide aesthetic care, spa services, mental health care including counselors, and diagnostics and infrastructure to help with non-risky pregnancy until birth. The company will also provide a kids playroom during mom’s care and coffee shop. To keep the treatments at home, will be offered to customers all the products utilized on aesthetic and spa cares.


This company’s project is due to holistic care of women without concerns about ethnic, age, primary gender, education level or income. Our company will take care of women in all stages of life since menarche, through pregnancy, and until the end of life.

Future of the Company

In the whole world we can hear about many treatments to prolong the life but just few places work in a preventive Healthcare. Work in a preventive health care is the key not just to prolong life but for well being. So, we will work in a holistic and preventive health and mental care to prepare women’s health to grow older naturally and with a minimum illness as possible. The Women’s Preventive Health Care will provide products for home care of our clients, a monitored playroom for kids and a coffee shop for waiters or even for women during cares. 

Legal Structure

Women’s Preventive Healthcare LLC is a small company, incorporated in Orlando, Florida.

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