Before Body Analisys Orientations

Recommendations for body analysis:

1. To schedule the analysis, check times with at least 2 hours free, in a quiet place and without interruptions and distractions.

2. Clothing:

a) wear a bra or top with straps, avoiding swimmer style.
b) wear leggings-style pants/shorts with the greatest possible fit to the body, avoiding butt lift-style models.
c) clothes with neutral and pastel colors, avoiding prints, textures and black or flashy colors (red, fluorescent).

3. LIGHTING: look for a bright environment and lighting that is sufficient to not cast shadows on one of the sides of your body and face.  Ideally, the lighting should be facing you.

Before Body Analisys Orientations

4. In the case of initial submission of photos:

a) FACE: photos of the face centered (camera at nose height), in relaxed positions (no facial expression) and smiling (the biggest smile you can).  The photos must be in the front face, and side (profile) on the left and right side, with the face without expression and smiling in all positions.  Avoid “projecting” the chin forward.  If necessary, use support at the necessary height or ask for help from third parties.  Get in the most comfortable position possible.
b) EYES: look at the cell phone camera centrally.  Take pictures of you in a relaxed position and without facial expression and a picture of you with your best and biggest smile.  Always looking into the center of the camera.
c) MOUTH: take pictures of your expressionless mouth in a relaxed way, another with a slight smile and one with your biggest smile (imagine yourself having won the mega sena lol)
d) TORSO: the camera should be in the center of your chest, in the middle region between the breast and the belly button.  Relax and take photos from the front, both sides and back.

e) HIP: the camera must be at the height of your pelvis and the photos must be taken from the front, back and both sides.
f) LEGS: the camera must be at knee height so that it reaches from the hip to the feet.  With your feet and posture relaxed, take pictures of the front, sides and back.  Repeat the positions keeping your feet more closely as possible.  Finally, take pictures in all positions, but keeping your body on tiptoe.
g) BODY: in a relaxed position and with the camera height centralized in the middle of your body, take full body pictures at your front, both sides and back.

5. Bring for the analysis three actual problems or three life improvements that you want to achieve. Those three questions must be formulated by you. After that, we can together trace viable paths for resolution of your situational problems or life improvements in the best possible way.

  • It is important to point out that we will be here to analyze your body and through that, say how your mind, personality and thoughts are built.
  • You ARE who you NEED to BE! For many reasons you were MADE and PLANNED to be the WAY you ARE! You just need to discover HOW be you on the BEST way possible.
  • We will be here, to analyze your body and the way your mind operates, NEVER to JUDGE YOU, your body, or your character, regardless of the situation you are in or bring.
  • It is normal to feel emotional discomfort even distress, after all you are having your body “analyzed” by a stranger. 
  • During the acknowledgement of your “characters map”, it is not uncommon feel vulnerable or even emotional weak. So do not bother if you feel need to cry or take a break. We can come back as soon as you feel that you are ready to keep going.
  • It is important to emphasize that we all have problems, fears, and insecurities, but if we recognize and know our abilities and weaknesses, we will also know how to identify the favorable environments for our well-being, the “wars” that will bring benefits if we enter and the “battles” that are not even worth stop to think about.
  • We will never advice anyone to harm in any way themselves or others. We are here to help which client self-knowledge and personal development.
  • After body analysis many people referred feelings like to “turn their world upside down” or like they were “shaken”. It is completely normal once they often discovered and/or they were touched on hidden emotions and pain. Takes time to “digests” some of those feelings. Embrace yourself and take easy on you, it will soon pass.
  • The first life commitment is with yourself. BE YOU! BE COMPLETE! BEyouTIFUL!

Any questions or concerns, we remain at your disposal.

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