Naira R. Lima

Registered Nurse deeply committed to providing quality, compassionate patient care. Nursing background includes nurse management, quality control (six sigma), women’s health care, pediatric care, geriatric care, and psychiatric care.

Repeatedly recognized for knowledge, expertise and achievements in areas including:

Quality Nursing Care

 Clinical & Communication Skills

Team Education & Training

Body Analysis Behaviorist

Medical Team Collaboration

Parent Education & Training

Accuracy of Charts & Records

Aesthetics Electrocautery

Mindfulness coaching

Patient & Family Relations

Six sigma standards

Lifesaving Interventions




Executive Board | Woman’ Space Health Care

  • Clinical Administration 
  • Development of Administrative Strategic Situational Planning 
  • Development of Strategic Situational Planning for Nursing and Aesthetic Care 
  • Body Analysis 
  • Behavioral Analysis
  • Development of Strategic Situational Planning for Behavioral issues
  • Development of Manual of Guidelines and Procedures
  • Development of guidelines for HR interviews
  • HR management 
  • Development of daily. Monthly and annual HR schedules
  • Development of team matched based on behaviors 
  • Training for health professionals in the areas of women’s health, postpartum care, pediatrics, geriatrics, and psychiatry for all cares and protocols involved 
  • Follow-up of architectural project for construction or adequacy of health institutions to meet municipal, state, and federal sanitary laws 
  • Preparation of team, environment, and procedures for obtaining certificates of accreditation by the competent entities in nursing management 
  • Formulation of medical records for the different sectors of health institutions 
  • Training and recycling of health teams according to guidelines and procedures, actualized at the most recent discoveries on health care and aesthetic field