Body Analysis

  Would you like to achieve the dream life?
  Would you like to fully achieve self-knowledge?
  Have you ever felt that everything is reasonably good in your life but you still do not feel satisfied?
    If you answer YES for any question above, we have the solution for you!
   Do you know that the shape that your body can tell how your mind and personality works?
     Do you know that your body shows your mind’s mysteries?
The answer for the lasts those questions is YES! Your body can help you solve the mysteries of you mind and life.
That is not a misleading information, this is science!
It is already proved that accordingly to the environment, the visible is formed by the environmental energy – invisible, and it is proved by magnetism, sound and many other research on different fields.

Body Analysis

The Origin

     Brazilian researchers improve the basic Wilhelm Reich research. Reich was introduced by Freud into the psychanalysis. The Brazilian researchers developed a method called “The body explain”, what is growing among different fields due to its complexity and achieved results in people lives.
     In 1930, Reich started his research to character analysis. At that time, Freud was showing up signs of the mind and emotional world existence. Reich went beyond. He described that “the mind was not just one body part; it was the body itself”.
The three Brazilian researchers went beyond Reich’s research, what they brought was a tool to measure and qualify your body accordingly to its format finding between five distinct characters how much you have of each one.

The method

     Our analyst will ask for face and body pictures and/or videos in different angles, we can also use a video call or in person meeting to score your body, and with the tool provided, we will find, and tells you how your mind and was projected and how it works.       Seeing how percentage you have of each one of characters will guide us to know what you should or should not do to achieve the best self, to improve your quality of life and look toward the best environment that you should be to acquire your fulfillment.
     Our one-on-one session will help you to rediscover and/or enhance yourself in different ways to get the best that the life can offer.
A little bit of how it works:

  1. We schedule your body analysis, and we send to you your summary after the session finished.  In this analysis through facial and body analysis, using a scientifically proof tool, we will make the proportionality of your character traits.  With these proportions in hand, we will know how you function in the emotional world and how your “rational world” and thoughts work.

     At that time, will be necessary for you to bring us 1 to 3 current things/problems that you have been facing or things of your life that you want improvement.  
     With specific tools for your proportionality of character, we will lead you to certain “lines of reasoning” to “confront” and even correct these problems.  DO NOT worry as the process does not include any hypnosis or spiritual services of any kind.  It is PURE science applied to the proportionality of your character traits.  This session lasts an average of 2 – 3 h.

  1. If you believe that what we discussed this in the session makes sense to you, we can schedule weekly sessions to address situational issues.  Each week we can deal with 1-3 problems of any kind in life (relationships with children, love, work, with friends, dealing with emotional dependencies, problems with “ambition” – lack or excess).  Those sessions last an average of 1h and are usually done in packages of 5 sessions, but they are obviously not mandatory. They were called Strategy Sessions.

     As for strategy and exercise sessions, there are different methodologies that can be used such as:

  • “stimulate” characters to get them out of pain
  • “widen” integration between character peculiarities
  • strategies for ambition
  •  sensory and emotional strategies

  • strategies for internal conflicts

  • creative strategies

   Knowing your flaws and strengths, knowing what environment or person is toxic for you, even a minimum, knowing how to avoid those environment… 
   This is enough to achieve self-knowledge about your character/personality, action and reaction, and taking care of existential pain helping to get out of them is reaching all the potential resources that (I believe) you were programmed (by the Lord) to be!  Also, in general, it should be enough for you (as well as all of us) to conquer / seek / improve in any dreamed area of ​​life.
All of that can bring you to your truly self and fulfill all lacunas that sometimes we do not have the knowledge of what is missing in ourselves or in our lives.
Note: we will not be able to correct past problems or mistakes, but with our tools you can definitely correct your path and redirect it to a more fulness life!
It is still worth mentioning that we don’t treat problems, we expand our self-knowledge to identify the real and internal problems that we can manage and above all, how to conduct our internal x external problems wisely without causing emotional damage to ourselves and to others.

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